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Sixth Degree Black Belt Marcelo Pereira

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G WillakersG Willakers
15:09 21 May 21
My family and I have been training under Marcelo for a few years now.You can definitely see the time and effort he puts into training people of all ages, all walks of life. Truly a passionate master who cares about his art. The students and instructors alike exude a sense of camaraderie and create a great atmosphere for anyone regardless of experience.I would recommend this facility to anyone who is seeking real world martial arts training.
Fernando SabencaFernando Sabenca
11:54 16 Oct 19
I started training with Marcelo in 1997 (Brazil) he has a lot of experience to teach REAL Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he is a several time world champion (IBJJF) on Black Belt . Now almost 22 years in I have my first degree black belt. Coach Marcelo Pereira teaching style makes it easy to learn. I wouldn't go anywhere else to train BJJ.
Fabiano PintoFabiano Pinto
18:59 15 Oct 19
I would love to address and chime in on a review written by an "anonymous" user who called himself "your mind"First off, the fact that you are anonymous speaks loudly about your character and who you are.Second off, I can speak from experience as my children are all enrolled with Marcelo and his team. His antics and professionalism are unlike anything I have ever experienced within martial arts. Having a coach who truly cares about his students is very rare, and that is exactly the type of coach Marcelo is. Being a coach requires true passion for what you do, and I can confidently say Marcelo and the ENTIRE team have a true passion and love for all of their students.It saddens me that this individual is utilizing the google platform in an attempt to stain Team Marcelo Pereira BJJ's business. Again, the anonymous review is a telling sign.Feel free to reach out to me directly if you ever have any questions about this gym. I would personally vouch for Marcelo and his team.
Eddwie PerezEddwie Perez
17:46 15 Oct 19
I have been a student of Marcelo Pereira's for almost 8 years now. I have been very fortunate to have a passionate and caring instructor who is incredibly knowledgeable about this martial art. His passion for the success of his students rivals no other instructor. He cares for the overall well being of all his students, on and off the mat. In all my time knowing my teacher I have NEVER seen the slightest ounce of disrespect directed to a student. Marcelo Pereira is an incredibly professional, experienced and educated coach/world champion. I can personally say that all of his current students are happy, excited and grateful to have such a renown fighter and teacher be apart of their journey as a martial artist. Anyone who differs so dramatically may need to look inward and self analyze that perhaps they can be the issue of such a negative experience and get over any issues that hold them back from becoming a better person and martial artist.
Eddwie PerezEddwie Perez
16:02 19 Sep 18
Team Marcelo Pereira Is an awesome school to train at! Very welcoming and friendly, lots of new friends to make the experience all the more enjoyable. Marcelo Pereira has dedicated his entire life to the art and is a real inspiration for those who wish to start their own journey in Jiu-Jitsu!

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